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Inspiration: Rött

7. Eugenio Gerli, barvagn, Tecno, Italien 1966

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller, 1994.:

Kate Moss av Juergen Teller, 1994

27. Bertil Brisborg, takarmatur, NK 1950-tal

Portfolio Image - Miles Redd:

87. Astrid Sylwan, Love and all its glory

1960s Ferrari Testarossa Electric Child's Automobile image 7:

jantar mantar. india.:

Interior Designer Mark D. Sikes for this year’s New York Kips Bay Decorator Show House has created a room with a Romantic and exotic air.  The interior features gingham walls and wicker furnishings from Sike's new line for Soane.  Blue and white porcelains adorn the walls.  More Interiors at:

Lorenzo Castillo - Un hotel à Madrid… - Le blog de

A Parisian Apartment By Frédéric Sicard:

Våning i Paris av Frédéric Sicard

170. Emma Hartman, Red floor


Merry Everything!:

Mark Shaw: Red Chanel Gown in Paris Courtyard #4:

Mark Shaw: Röd Chanel kreation på en bakgård i Paris 

223. Sam Francis, Blue Blood Stone

Utrop SEK 25 000-30 000 

Red pointy flats:

Röda pointy flats

Irving Penn:

Irving Penn

Red Roses...:

1953 Home of Christian Dior:

I Christian Diors hem 1953

Yayoi Kusama in her New York studio, 1960.:

Yayoi Kusama i hennes New York studio, 1960

Paul Costello | 1stdibs Photo Archive Search #red #decor  (via @1stdibs):

Paul Costello

Paul Costello | 1stdibs Photo Archive Search (via @1stdibs):



#red #decor (via @1stdibs):

Red door:

red trees:

Pieter Estersohn | 1stdibs Photo Archive Search #red #wallpaper #bathroom (via @1stdibs):

Pieter Estersohn

Paola Navone:


Hermès Idole Kelly Doll

Pieter Estersohn | 1stdibs Photo Archive Search:

Pieter Estersohn

Red scooter:

red bicycle:

60s Vintage Pierre Cardin Orange Bubble Dress (via @1stdibs):

Orange Bubble Dress, Pierre Cardin, 1960-tal

Narcisse 'Riot':

A Look Inside Daphne Guinness' Apartment:

Daphne Guinness våning

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